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Introducing: Rohan Housing


Introducing: Rohan Housing!



The Lord of the Rings Online is expanding its premium player housing options with new homesteads set in Rohan! These new homesteads evoke two quintessential Rohan experiences; Kingstead Meadows and Eastfold Hills. Kingstead Meadows features living on the grassy plains and farmlands, while Eastfold Hills features living in the rugged and wooded foothills. Each neighborhood has an assortment of deluxe style properties along with two unique properties: a large Meadhall, and a deluxe style property with an extra interior. The Rohan Housing brokers are also selling over 50 new housing items, purchasable with in game gold!



There are a number of new housing features now available:

  • Hitching Posts: A new hook that allows you to show off mounts from your collection.

  • Cosmetic Pets: Cosmetic pets can be hooked on most interior and exterior hooks.

  • Moveable light sources: These new hooks allow players to light rooms the way they want.

  • Fire Pit hooks: This is a new and uniquely sized hook for the Rohan Meadhalls.

  • Column Hook: The column hook acts like a wallpaper option for columns within the new Rohan Meadhalls.

  • New per-house storage: This is a new housing storage option for premium housing that is separate from Shared Housing Storage.

  • Kinship Visit feature: Players can designate a primary residence, and allow their kinmates to visit from the Kinship panel.

  • Multiple interiors: Each Kingstead homestead has a main house and a barn, and both neighborhoods have a single homestead of a unique additional interior.

  • Neighborhood Reputation: Rohan homesteads are the first homesteads to each have their own reputation, where homeowners can advance their neighborly notoriety in the community, while unlocking new housing items and player titles.




Some of these new features are currently available only on Rohan Housing, while Cosmetic Pets and the kinship visit feature are available for every home! Per-housing Storage is available in premium housing only. Find a Rohan Housing Broker to get started with your visit and purchase!

Rohan Housing is available to purchase from the Rohan Housing Brokers named Burginda and Seleflad in Edoras and Snowbourn as well as the Eastfold Hills and Kingstead Meadows Homesteads.

The LOTRO Store also offers a new housing item bundle! Here are the details:

Rohan Housing Set Bundle contains: 

  • Replica of the Throne of Rohan
  • 2 x Watchful Seat of Meduseld
  • Wooden Watchtower
  • Rohirric Forge
  • Rohirric Study
  • Rohirric Workbench
  • Rohirric Oven
  • 3 x Steed Halter


Windmill in Neighborhood


Rohan Housing FAQ:


Can I buy more than one personal premium home?

Yes! While players can only have one classic personal house, they can own as many premium houses as they would like.

Can I have both a Rohan premium home and a personal house?

Yes! You can have as many premium homes as you wish in addition to a classic personal house.

Can I buy a Kinship House in Rohan?

No, currently Rohan only offers personal player housing. However, anyone with a personal home can now allow their kinmates to easily visit from the Kinship panel.

What happens if I transfer servers in the future, does my Rohan Housing come with me?

Yes! The same world transfer process applies to Rohan Housing that is used to take any other premium home with you to another server.

Is there upkeep on a Premium Rohan House?

As usual, VIPs do not have to pay upkeep for housing. Otherwise, the same upkeep costs and rules apply for Rohan Housing that apply to premium housing in general (like the Gondorian premium home you may already own).



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