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The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 99

By OliveYew


Community Spotlights

The Minstrel Guild of Bree is hosting a Celtic Music Concert on Sunday, March 17th, 2019 starting at 2 pm server time at the Bree Festival ground stage on Brandywine! You can click here to learn more.

Harfang invites you to Under the Northern Storm on Sunday 24th, on Laurelin! Click here for event details.

Click here to read Entering Moria for the First Time by Casual Aggro!

Join Acorne for this months February OAKS on Saturday, February 23rd on the Laurelin server! Click here for more details.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

There and Back Again is a Rank 7 Kinship on Anor that welcomes new and old players alike. Community and friendship are a core focus of this Kinship, and while it maintains five end-game raid teams that do various kinds of content, there is a heavy focus on helping new and lower-level characters through the game too. They are currently looking to expand their growing Anor family! You can find out more about this kinship by clicking here.

Email LOTRO@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

Which Inn or Tavern have you been to the most throughout your adventures?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!

Fansite News

Click here to listen to LOTRO Players News Episode 293: Rain in the 21st Hall?

Click here to watch LOTRO with Mort on the Gladden Server!

Click here to watch Lore-Master of Lothlorien - Midweek Meanderings with FibroJedi!

Click here to watch AgentBrigman do the Shadows of Dol Guldur Skirmish!

Click here to watch Mythgard in Middle-earth with guest hostess Druidsfire!

Click here to watch Louey7 - Warden Time in Dol Dinen on the Anor server!

Click here to watch MadTacoKing on the Legendary Server Anor, Lvl 50 Captain, preparing for Moria!

In the News!

  • The doors of Moria will open on the legendary server in March! Click here to learn more.
  • Click here to watch the newest +Cord of the Rings!

Screenshot of the Week!

This week's screenshot of the week was taken by Wasted Years at last weekends dog walk on Gwaihir!

Let's Talk Shop!

  • LOTRO bonus days bring you a 25% Skirmish Mark Boost now through February 25th!
  • Be Virtuous Like Samwise! Get 25% off now through February 28th!
    • Virtues & Virtue Bundles
    • Trait Slots  
    • Skill & Slayer Deed Boosts
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a Landscape Soldier Token with coupon SOLDIERTOKEN now through February 28th!


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