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Update 27.0.1 Release Notes

By Cordovan


Update 27.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 27.0.1, released on Thursday, July 2nd.

Epic Book

  • Epic Volume V, Book 1: 'A Time of Celebration' - Corrected an issue where the fireworks would sometimes fail to progress the Instance. The /cheer at the end of the ceremony is no longer an Objective.


  • The following items are once again correctly tagged as task items: Dwarf Sword Sheath, Rock Tail, Stone-abdraded Skin, Withered Claw, Withered Ear, Calcified Carapaces, Lost Essences, Pebbled Filth, and Storn-worn Furs.

Midsummer Festival

  • The currency cap for Midsummer Tokens has been increased to 250. 

  • Quest: Filled to the Brim - Drunken revellers will no longer rapidly disappear and reappear in place.

  • The Blue Theatre (Midsummer) will no longer send low level players back to their starting location on Anor, Ithil or Bombadil.

  • Removed an erroneous floating structure. 


  • Fixed an issue where Monster Player characters were unable to barter for food, potions, or other items.

  • Fixed an issue where Monster Player characters were unable to acquire Deeds.




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