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Update 27.1 Release Notes

Update 27.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 27.1, released on Wednesday, July 8th.

Of Special Note:

VIP Benefit - Town Services

VIPs can speak to Wenda Cranesbill in Bree or in any of the housing neighborhoods near their Task boards to accept a daily quest that awards:

  • A 48 hour Town Services item

    • This item opens a UI from which a player can choose Sell, Repair, Vault, Shared Storage, Wardrobe, and Auction House by default. The item provides a Forge and Relic Master services if the character is at least level 45 and in possession of the Seeker of Deep Places trait. 

  • Subscriber's Jug that grants accelerated Crafting times and item wear prevention buffs for 48 hours. 

News and Notes:


  • The Wedding Celebration Pony pet cart will now properly produce fireworks.

  • Carry-all bags' default sorting method is no longer stomped on when placing an item in the bag. Selecting a sort category now sorts by ascending first, then descending. Fixed sorting issues with bag search bars, and they no longer require the enter key in order to update the list.


  • The Monster Play "Capture an Outpost" quest will once again advance properly when you capture an outpost.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Midsummer Festival

    • Feredis, the Midsummer rewards barter vendor, now offers a Great Wedding Themes music box for your house.

    • Dobb Buckthorn now gives proper directions to festivities in Bree-town. 

    • A Long-awaited Banquet - Samwise is now easier to select. 

    • Arranging Arrangements - Fixed an issue where certain floral arrangement locations would become unselectable.

    • Toss a Coin - This quest will now sort to the Midsummer quest category and advance For Love of Midsummer and related quests/deeds properly.


  • Fix for combined mesh artifacts, such as distant players with invisible or missing textures.




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